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Woman finds shocking racist instructions on her pizza takeaway receipt

Posted: 24th August 2015 by Absurd Stories in Food

A woman was amazed to find a outcome had drafted direction to fry her coward wings “hard like a black d***”. Loretta Smith Layne, from New Jersey in the concerted States, arranged the fast food from Danny’s Pizza ability last month, bestow to WCAU-TV. She was left aghast by the anti-Semitic term when she inspected […]

Pizza Condom – Food and Sex the perfect combination

Posted: 2nd February 2015 by Absurd Stories in Food, People
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Since the beginning we have evolved to do one thing, eat and reproduce!! Now there is a way to do both at once, well nearly…..There is currently a limited edition set of condoms’ package will take sex and pizza to a whole new level, let me introduce you to the Seriax. Russian designer Marina Malygina […]