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This is the moment a woman deride police agent by appropriating out of her car to dance after being go after in a high speed chase. Police had pursue to stop the tourist after besmirch her active carelessly over the avenue of central Los Angeles. to Ramirez of the Los Angeles Police the woman finally […]

This is the exhilarating moment a traffic officer in India stopped cars on a busy road to allow a stray dog to cross. In the 42 second clip, cars are seen advance past the man and the dog as they both stand bravely by the side of the road. The man holds his hand out […]

Aliens attack policeman

Posted: 10th February 2015 by Preeti Bhatia in Internet, Law, Motoring, People
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Police vehicles in the US are equipped with dash cameras. This helps keep documentation of any events that happen during the officer’s workday. Police have a pretty tough job. They fight crime, catch lawbreakers, keep our streets safe, and now – they battle aliens. There has been recent footage running on YouTube that could show […]

Naked Driver Arrested

Posted: 24th February 2012 by Absurd Stories in Law, People
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The Hoover Police say a naked driver engaged the Hoover Police on a low-speed chase throughout the town of Hoover, coliding  with a number of cars throughout the chase. WBRC reports that the chase began late Monday afternoon at a local Ford dealership when the driver collided 2 cars. He then fled the accident in […]

Cats being used for Human Consumption

Posted: 18th February 2012 by Absurd Stories in Animals, People
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  Cats being used for Human Consumption   In a case that has disgusted even investigators, a man from California has been arrested for apparently making meals and eating cats.   Jason Wilmert is currently being charged in the Kern County Jail on charges alleging animal cruelty and using a domesticated animal for food.    […]

Police Officers using Rituals

Posted: 12th December 2011 by Absurd Stories in Law

Amidst budget cuts and expected layoffs, two employees of the North Miami Police Department had the ingenious plan of using birdseed in an attempt to make the city manager leave.  According to the Santeria religion, there is a superstition whereby putting birdseed in a person’s office or house will make the person leave.  The officer […]

Introducing the pedal powered police car

Posted: 1st May 2010 by Absurd Stories in Motoring
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Just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier in England, the British Police have just released their latest weapon in the fight against crime, the pedal powered police car. Police believe that their new vehicle with a maximum speech of 20mph, complete with a siren, will help them combat anti-social behaviour which is a large problem in Britain.