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This bizarre absolution ritual will leave you feeling very tense. The man beats himself over the head with a piece of wood studded with spikes as ‘blood’ pours down his face and body The agitated man, dressed in only shorts and an apron, dances in a residentiary street in front of keen onlookers. The crowd […]

Stephen Hawking’s Thoughts on the After World Stephen Hawking clearly does not believe in the importance of God and the existence of heaven and hell if you are to read between the lines of his latest interview. The famed theoretical physicist could not find a place for heaven in his mental picture of the universe. […]

British prayers for the world cup

Posted: 1st June 2010 by Absurd Stories in Religion

A Church of England Bishop has written a series of prayers to help religious believers get through the World Cup; he has said that everyone will be affected by the World Cup so it would make sense to have some suitable prayers.