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A chimney sweep’s amusing sign contribution culture for under six’s with the chance to meet Dick van Dyke has become an online hit. In the mock job advert, painted on the side of a van, free gruel is accessible for fortunate applicatants. The amusing offer, the workmanship of Chimney Sweep Surrey, reads: years or under? […]

Spot whats missing from this church sign Clever wordplay goes very wrong

Posted: 1st September 2015 by Absurd Stories in Religion

This sign was put up to welcome people into the church, but it has appeal to consideration for a contrasting reason. Its creator has come up with a clever banter, taking out the ‘u’ and ‘r’ of the word ‘church’ to ask: “What’s missing?” The answer? You are! Except the writer didn’t quite get it […]

Travelling is sure to bring some funny moments, but it’s probably a fair bet that travellers don’t expect to be warned againt tucking into the carpet. This funny sign was captured at Chennai International Airport by businessman Justin Ross Lee, owner of Pretentious Pocket. He posted it on Facebook with the message: “What an outrage […]