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A UFO has been spotted drifting above one Wales’s most famous landmarks. The object was captured on camera in broad daylight and uploaded to the UFO Alien Sightings channel on YouTube earlier this month. The 40 second clip, which appears to have been filmed from the Maes in Caernarfon, shows a small dark object soaring […]

The charred remains of what is claimed to be an alien have been found at a UFO hotspot where it is believed the catastrophic meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs landed.  The body was found among the debris after a aggressive blast in the skies over Mexico and has sparked claims it is a animal […]

This eerie footage shows a UFO drifting over a lake like balls of light in the night sky. Carole Thorpe who put the video on YouTube said it is the second time she and her friends had seen what she call as “a reddish orange ball. She goes on to say it appears to be […]