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An amateur paparazzo found one of Britain’s biggest spiders in his back garden – hiding in a sun shade enclosed by the corpses of DEAD arachnids. Matthew Field spotted the eight-legged tube web spider when he unintentionally confused its web and it began abandon around his patio. Body experts have analyze it as a Segestria […]

They’re two of the most destructive pests on planet earth. And while they rarely come face to face on camera – their furious tempers are apparent in this tense stand off between two of nature’s most poisonous. This minute long video shows what happens when a black widow spider comes leg to pincer with a […]

A man who opened a package at his new address was left wishing he hadn’t when he found a large Tarantula inside. The letter was forward ‘return to sender’ and accommodate a Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater, the third largest spider in the world. Postage dates on the parcel showed it had been unopened for three […]