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Nearly all of us have been on holiday or stayed in a motel where we’ve taken comfort of the secure ‘safe’ to store expensive and important belongs and travel tickets. But what if you found out that these allegedly secure vaults are absolutely extraordinarily easy to break in to. Even more worryingly, it can be […]

Dirtiest parts of an aircraft revealed and its NOT the toilet

Posted: 27th August 2015 by Absurd Stories in People
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Next time you catch a flight, you might want to be accurate what it is you touch with your hands – or any other part of your bdy. It turns out that aeroplanes are a hotbed of germs, just beetling about await to leap on innocent travellers. And some detail of fecal element have cut […]

Travelling is sure to bring some funny moments, but it’s probably a fair bet that travellers don’t expect to be warned againt tucking into the carpet. This funny sign was captured at Chennai International Airport by businessman Justin Ross Lee, owner of Pretentious Pocket. He posted it on Facebook with the message: “What an outrage […]

Porn films to be banned for guests at all Hilton Hotels

Posted: 26th August 2015 by Absurd Stories in Law, People
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Hilton hostel are set to ban all porn channels at their hostel – in the bold banning sexual exploitation. The comprehensive chain has declared that it is abolish pay-per-view porn avenue from all of their hostel in 85 community crosswise the world. The news comes after a crusade that saw top administration each appropriating as […]