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Fabled astrophysicist Patrick Moore saw a UFO being filmed while making a broadcast during the 1960s – but the BBC edited out, it has been claimed. The accusation was reportedly made by Alien analyst Matt Lyons during the 50th ceremony anniversary of the ‘Warminster Thing’ in 1965. That year people living in the town began […]

This odd footage was documented by a nine-year-old boy who allege a UFO had been coming him every day for weeks. The boy parents, who had never seen the craft originally didn’t accept the boy. But he then educated to film the comical object, which flies around, adjustment control and finally seems to die in […]

UFO Sighting In Lightning Storm

Posted: 16th August 2015 by Absurd Stories in Aliens
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As storm clouds gathered over Oak Park, Illinois, on the evening of July 13, an individual, videotaping an impressive display of heat lightning, also captured something else streaking through the field of view. The image above shows a bright, glowing object quickly enter the left side of the video in front of — rather than […]

This is is bizarre moment different UFOs appear to descend on Earth in an absorbing home video. And some have claimed that it could be clue of an alien invasion. The clip appears to apprehend a bright light drift in the sky before it abruptly drops and splits into seven free blink lights. Strange: The […]

The intriguing images of a bizarre flying saucer-shaped object This object was dug out by a coal mining company, during an excavation. They resemble a UFO that fell from the outer space to earth and appear to have embedded itself in the ground thousands of years ago. After the object was dug out, in Siberia’s […]

New Orleans UFO demystified

Posted: 16th November 2011 by Absurd Stories in People
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Finally we have the long awaited answer regarding the brightly lit rod shaped object which was caught on camera during a 29 second shot of the historic St Louis Cathedral in New Orleans.  So far it was widely believed that the cameraman inadvertently videotaped UFOs in New Orleans.  In fact, while the majority of keen […]