The best chocolate bar in the world

Posted: 8th January 2016 by Absurd Stories in Food

Simple lifehack to make the best chocolate bar in the world
A simple yet quite frankly mind-blowing chocolate mash-up is blowing chocoholic’s minds on the internet. British author/snack genius James Hannah tweeted a photograph of a Toblerone enhanced with segments of Terry’s Chocolate Orange wedged between each sweet pyramid. The writer of ‘The A–Z of You and Me’ simply captioned the picture ‘Toblorange’ and suddenly bored and sweet-toothed admirers were creating their own versions and posting the results online. But rather than exploit his creation for commercial game, the big-hearted wordsmith waived his copyright fee (with tongue firmly in cheek) because it is “the morally right thing to do”. #toblorange— James Hannah. (@jameshannah) January 2, 2016 And get this: I am waiving my copyright fee for your own Toblorange. You may recreate it free of charge. It’s morally the right thing to do.— James Hannah. (@jameshannah) January 2, 2016 His creation ever earned the respect of the people at Toblerone, who told him: “Better retire now, you’ve peaked.” He responded: “I’m furiously mashing together other confections as we speak in the hope of recovering the good times… # onetrickpony.” Lunchtime productivity: we’ve stopped watching the puddle to make a Toblorange.— Catherine Bray (@catherinebray) January 6, 2016 Click to play