The grasshopper effect on the Ugandan Economy

Posted: 31st January 2012 by Absurd Stories in Animals
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Who would have thought that grasshoppers could weaken an economy and pull local people further down the poverty spiral? This is in fact the precise case which is happening in Uganda.  Owing to constant electricity cuts, grasshopper catchers have found themselves in dire business situations. 

In fact, grasshoppers are considered as a top notch delicacy in Uganda and the insect is consumed in large quantities in restaurants or bars where they are gobbled down with beer.  The insect is first fried in oil along with onions and consumed by bar goers. 

The fact that the country is being hit by constant electricity cuts has meant that there is no light at night to attract and catch the insects.  In fact, catchers normally use light as a trap for the insect to get them out of their hiding place and then gas is used to disorient them and trap them in disused oil drums.  Grasshoppers are an important source of protein and they are reputed for their unique taste-in the same way that shrimps are- and they normally sell at a premium. 

With the shortage in grasshoppers on the market, this has meant that the insects are being sold at a high price, namely 34 euro cents.  This rise in prices now means that some buyers can no longer afford this delicacy and prefer to go without it.  On the other hand, some people do not mind the high price just to have a taste of the grasshoppers.