Thief Stole a Hummer and ran away Naked

Posted: 1st March 2012 by Absurd Stories in Motoring

Another naked man who alarmed the cops by trying to escape from a Hummer completely naked was brought down by a police canine. The individual was trying to escape without any clothing after a police chase. He had stolen the Hummer at gun point from the hummer driver and straight away, a chase ensued involving the police.

A search in the car revealed that the suspect was the only occupant of the hummer. Officials report they are not sure why the man removed his clothing when he decided to flee. As the suspect sped through a neighborhood a police dog was released to give the chase. The animal was very easily able to bring the man down as the officers moved in to make the arrest. We are not sure what part of the mans body the K9 grabbed a hold of.
Officials say the original hummer driver notified the authorities when he was forced out of the vehicle at gunpoint. Shortly afterwards, the hummer driver called 911 and the cops persued the man in a helicopter and car chase. After being chased for a short period, the man immediately stopped the car as an officer yelled "He's come to a stop. He's bailed" Shortly after that, the officer spoke again, saying "He's naked"
The suspect just added indecent exposure to his list of charges.