Tree House

Posted: 23rd January 2012 by Absurd Stories in People

Imagine living in a tree house.  Now imagine living in a house gobbled up by a tree, most precisely a house which has been completely covered by a Virginia creeper including the doors and windows.  This is precisely the nightmare which Judi Anderson has to live with every single day. 

She explains that having the creeper around the house is beautiful and adds an element of nature’s beauty to her house but then when it comes to having light and air in the house, then it is a complete catastrophe since no sunlight can go past the thousands of leaves which are hanging out her windows. 

So twice a year, the woman has to trim the leaves to make room for some light.  However, her house still remains dark and she has to keep the lights on the whole day.  Nevertheless, Judi adds that despite the pain of staying in a dark house or having to trim the leaves, in autumn, her house looks really beautiful.