Halloween cakes devilishly tasty

Posted: 15th October 2015 by Absurd Stories in Food

Perfect cupcakes for Halloween. Ghosties and ghoulies may be just around the corner, but that’s no excuse for sacking off the baking . These gross Halloween teeth cupcakes look every inch the professionally-made trick. And if you fancy showing them or a brain cake off on October 31 you’re in luck, because they’re dead easy. One delicious mouthful will tell you that they’re all treat. The method for creating the garish cakes was shared on Reddit by Usiris23 . Bakers need three different colours of fondant icing – for the teeth, the gums and the skin tissue. They roll out the skin as the base, then add the gums with a wet brush and shape them to accommodate the teeth. howtocakeit.com

Think about it: Looks complicated, but the Red Velvet Brain Cake’s a… err… no brainer Add the teeth shapes into the sockets – or leave some out, so it looks like a zombie’s lost a tooth – using a wet brush, and then shape the skin around the mouth. The realistic – and horrible – cupcakes are easy to whip up in your own kitchen, but professional cake makers have some additionally disgusting sweet creations for those keen on a good scare. Yolanda from How To Cake It also created an incredible red velvet brain cake that looks every bit as ghastly as the cupcakes. …