Triple eyed and double snout piglet born in China

Posted: 1st February 2012 by Absurd Stories in Animals
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Over the past years China has build up a reputation of its own in welcoming out of the ordinary animals-if not to say fantasy-animals-turn-real.  For example some recent cases include the discovery of the Cyclops shark and Man Pig and the birth of a goat with seven legs or even the recent case of the two headed turtle. 

The latest case of weird animals involves the birth of a piglet which has three eyes and two snouts.  The piglet was born on a farm belonging to Xiao Jintu in the Changtai County, Fujian Province. 

The piglet came out fifth and the farmer was shocked by its appearance.  The porker is in good health and Jintu adds that given its unique form, the piglet has already got some fame of its own since everyone in the village are coming to see it.  At least one thing is for sure regarding this piglet, it won’t be converted into a bacon burger anytime soon! Quite the contrary, the farmer intends to keep it as a pet.

  1. JadeDragon says:

    Now that is an unbelievable little pig.  Unlikely to last long though. These things tend to die pretty quick.