UFO sighting in sky above Warwickshire

Posted: 8th October 2015 by Absurd Stories in Aliens

This footage shows a light beam on and off in the sky above homes in Warwickshire. The man and woman who spotted the UFO rushed back inside to grab a camera. As the man comes back out he asks: it still capable The light can be seen changeable colour from white to blue and then green in the recording. There is analysis about whether the mystery light is a plane, but that is ruled out after another one is seen and compared. UFO: The white light is spotted in the sky in Warwickshire The woman asks: is in order that It is not the first UFO to be spotted in the UK in the last few days. Just bygone Kirstie Hockley whipped out her camera to capture a strange object and claimed she has belief what it was. Spotted: The UFO floats above these house in Warwickshire She abruptly saw the baffling light through her window in St Neots, Cambridgshire. While in Mexico strange orbs were spotted near a volcano.