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A academy alum got an abrupt amazement when he accepted his diploma. Aonghus O’Donovan accredited from the Academy of Ballad after four years of hard work. When he was given his diploma at the commemoration bygone, he got a bit of a shock. His diploma read: have accepted this in error. call to Student Collegiate Agency Office coming the commemoration to collect your parchment. for any aggravation Have your say in our new commentary section below Facebook

Our Apologies: Aonghus with his ‘in error’ diploma – which was soon swapped for the real thing The new alum took the error in stride, the Irish Mirror reports . Posting the snap to Facebook, he accentuate the pic: years of hard work and this is what the man with the big mace and the fancy hat hands out.  The error was quickly fixed. After posing for a few snaps in the academy lawn, he made his way to the agency office – after a short queue, he finally accepted his real degree.