Use Facebook as your Alibi!

Posted: 29th September 2011 by Absurd Stories in Facebook, Law

Who would have known that a random Facebook status could turn out to be the perfect alibi to take you out of trouble with the law? At least this is something that Rodney Bradford can attest to. 

His simple Facebook status, ‘where’s my pancakes’ which he typed on Saturday 17th of October at 11.49 a.m was literally his passport to freedom.  The 19 year old man was arrested the following day since he was considered a suspect in a robbery but his defense lawyer managed to prove that at the time of the robbery, the young man was actually at his father’s apartment in Harlem. 


The Facebook entry proves that he was at home, on his computer and once this entry was checked by the district attorney, charges were dropped against him since he had a solid alibi-a Facebook alibi.


  1. Paul Angel says:

    FB should be be Funbook for that is what it was meant to be for friends to stay in touch, post status, share, talk, tell stories, current events, create events, make comments, likes, meet, make new friends and poke each other to say hello or maybe to have some kind of relations. Bottom line for a friendship the rest of time.. It’s nice as your alibi, arrested for anothers crime. The only problem is too many assholes on FB are going to and have been abusing the freedom of it.. Screening posts is most important now to detect, find, stop bugs, hacks posting porn and accounts compromised.. Thank you and have happier holidays Team Facebook.. 😉 Paul Angel / Dreamwork Inc.