Using Kids to Steal Lingerie

Posted: 12th January 2012 by Absurd Stories in Children, Law, People
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She just received the custody of her two minor children only one week back and they have already been taken into custody by the Department of Children and Families for the simple reason that she used her kids to steal lingerie

Ashley Fleischmann, a dancer at an Orlando gentlemen’s club, was arrested on charges of petty theft and child cruelty.  She actually used her kids to steal lingerie style lace underwear at a Burlington Coat factory which she intended to use for her job and planned to make a quick exit from the front of the store with the unpaid items totaling $84.91. 

She wrongly thought that the presence of her children would not lead to her arrest but she was clearly mistaken since she was arrested in front of her kids who were traumatized by this whole situation.  They could not stop crying the whole time.  Regarding the woman she was released on $2,200 bond on Sunday.  It remains unknown as to whether she has an attorney.

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    looks like her ass is smarter then her brains

  2. Ben1965 says:

    Looks like her Ass is smarter then her mind.