Vampire Woman

Posted: 13th March 2012 by Absurd Stories in People
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This is the amazing image of "The Vampire Woman" Maria Jose Cristerna – she takes the idea for body art to a whole new level.
The tattoo artist and university trained lawyer has shown her terrifying look in an exhibition of tattoos in the northeastern city of Monterrey recently.
She says she was inked after suffering domestic violence, adding: "The tattoos were a form of liberation for me.
"My family was and is deeply Catholic. I studied at a religious school, I fell in love, got married at age 17, followed a career. I wanted to make things right."
She says that many beatings and abuse in the home created this reinvention and led to the inking of almost all of her body.
Maria has also added multiple piercings on her face and titanium implants to create "horned" look beneath the skin at the temples and forehead.
The mother of four, 35, has even had dental implants to create "fangs" to complete your look – but says that she still lives a "normal life".
Maria said: "The horns I have are a symbol of strength and implanted without anesthesia, the fangs were done because I loved vampires as a little girl and I changed the color of my eyes to be what I want them to be. ".
And yet the transformation is still not complete – she plans to have two titanium implants added to the back of her head.
She said: "The tattoo is my way of being immortal, of really being a vampire and not dying – so I quit my job and put tattoos on other people."
  1. Weird Science | Copious Gasser says:

    Love tattoo’s? Don’t go overboard like this woman.