Watch idiot driver miraculously survive being swept away by river after foolishly taking on nature
This is the hilarious moment an idiotic driver tried to take on the power of nature – with predictable consequences. In the shocking footage, filmed in an unknown location, a flood has washed away a stretch of road. Stuck commuters watch the torrent rage by, while a few hardy souls attempt to wade through the murky, brown, knee-deep water. But one bright spark thinks he’s got nature’s number and drives straight into the fast-moving flood. Read more: Shocking video shows reckless driver almost cause head-on crash by foolishly overtaking on country Initially things appear to be going well, but the strength of the current soon begins to tell. The car starts to veer worryingly towards the edge of the road where a huge waterfall has formed. Inevitably the foolish motorist topples over the edge, crashing nose down into the froth below before mercifully settling the right way up. Luckily for the dozy driver a crowd of stunned bystanders rushed the rescue and pulled them free just before the doomed vehicle drifts down the river.