Wedding Ring found a decade later

Posted: 2nd February 2012 by Absurd Stories in People
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She lost her ring more than a decade back and even gave up the idea of ever finding it again until last October when she finally found her ring.  Lena Paahlsson who lives on a farm in Northern Sweden was picking her last carrots in her farm when she saw something glittering on one of her carrots.  It was none other than the ring which she lost years back.

Looking back at the day she lost her ring, she explains that it was during a baking session with her family that she placed the ring on the kitchen counter and could not find it again.  She recalls having looked for it everywhere, even pulling up floorboards to find the white gold ring. 

Her family attempt to explain this miracle by saying that perhaps the ring fell into the sink and was mixed up with the potato peels which were used as compost of animal feed.  That’s how the ring in the end reached the soil. 

Regarding the ring itself, it no longer fits Paahlsson fingers but she intends to have it enlarged.