What is the Best Day for hooking up?

Posted: 27th June 2011 by Absurd Stories in People
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What is the Best Day for hooking up? Bring on the hump day – WEDNESDAY

Did you know the odds of hooking up with a new lover are better on a Wednesday than any other day of the week.

The 'distinguished' Researchers at world renowned US dating site OkCupid have reported you're more likely to get laid on a Wednesday night due to the fact that more people who are up for it are out looking for it.

The site has created a "sexual availability index", which combines four personal qualities of its members.

It measured: naming casual sex as a romantic priority; keenness for sex on a first date; identifying as extroverted; and, regarding oneself as adventurous.

Then it matched the frisky members with a high sexual availability rating with the singles' social routine.

The result showed that weekdays are markedly better than weekends, and Wednesday the day better suited to strike while most are at their friskiest.

Of course the more you drink and the thicker the 'beer goggles' become the greated chance of success rise during a night.

La Trobe University Centre for Sex, Health and Society professor Anthony Smith said the results reflected the hook-up habits of Australian singles.

"It could be that the midweek thing is when they say 'I'm going to go out and get a root', whereas on the weekend they go out for dinner with friends."

Manager at Melbourne's La Di Da bar, Simone Kirk, said Thursday got her hump day vote.

"On takings, and the kind of drinks they're ordering (it's Thursday)," she said.

"You see them huddled up on the couches and after-work drinks start earlier."

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