Think you could drink recycled wee if it meant you would stay alive? That’s the question cosmonaut have to answer before they go onto the Space Station for a tour of duty. But while Nasa’s people are happily gulping back wee-that-once-was, cosmonaut have chosen to go another way. space travel will always be defenseless on water and food and its availability. But on the ISS, where cadre are expected to stay for months at a time, the ways of achieve water for drinking are from contraction and defecation as urine. NASA

Wee break: on board Atlantis toast with purified water Both US and Russian of the space station harvest their water out of the air, which is known as crystallization, and comes from breath and sweat. But where Russia are not happy about throwing urine into the mix, Nasa have no qualms, even using Russian wee along the side of American. Layne Carter, who manages the ISS water system for NASA, told Bloomberg: “We collect it in bags, and then the crew hauls it over to the US side [of the ISS]. “We don’t do 100% of the Russian urine. It depends on our time availability.” Getty

Space bound: The US space shuttle Atlantis lifts off at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in 2007 “It tastes like bottled water as long as you can intellectually get past the point that it’s recycled urine and crystallization that comes out of the air.” The use of iodine to treat the water is not an ideal process, but it’s object that is bound to be worked on in the future, because the system could be crucial to make a abiding mission to Mars viable. Not to mention to head off any possible future water shortage here on Earth.