Why not Chase Cheese down a Hill?

Posted: 30th January 2015 by Absurd Stories in Food, People

CheeseRollingSome people don’t mind wasting food and incurring injury for fun. Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake tradition has been taking place in Gloucestershire for hundred of years. There was a time when the unusual festival would feature other milder activities such as dancing around the maypole, tug of war and bobbing for apples. These ancient, harmless  festival activities have been put aside to make way exclusively for the absurd and infamous cheese rolling event. The event is held each year on the last Monday of May. There are four races each year. Three races are for the men and one for the women. No more than 20 participants are allowed for safety’s sake.

cheese-rolling-at-coopers-hill-2013-7-1369732489-view-0Cooper’s Hill is described as mean, cheesy and steep. Nobody quite knows the exact origin of the ridiculous event but it is believed to go back many centuries. Cheese rolling is a downhill race which at first seems mild, but there is a twist. Runners literally plunge down the course, chasing and plunging after a huge wheel of  Double Gloucester cheese.

We are sure this guy with a Swiss Cheese Fetish would be been to join in.

Cheese RollingThe simple event, overseen by a Master of Ceremonies,  is actually dangerous because Cooper’s Hill is virtually vertical and runners, in their effort to catch the cheese, go stumbling and crashing all the way down the hill. Even spectators on the side are not safe as  one of the hurtling cheese runners could plunge among them. In fact an onlooker has been seriously injured when they were hit by the thundering cheese. After all the commotion, the first person following the cheese who gets to the bottom of the hill first and intact, is the winner. And the only reward… they keep the cheese.

  1. Owen says:

    Think i would rather eat the cheese!!! what a waste

  2. Brandon says:

    What if they get Hungry half way down