Willow the Cat found 5 years after being lost

Posted: 20th September 2011 by Absurd Stories in Animals
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Willow, a cat from Colorado who had disappeared from a home near Rocky Mountains nearly five years back was safely found in the streets in New York owing to a microchip which was implanted on the cat when she was still a kitten.  Back in the days when Willow disappeared she was still a tiny kitten weighing only five and a half pounds and she has now matured into a 3.1 kg well mannered cat.  What she did during all these years, where she had stayed and most important of all how she ended up more than 2575km away from home remain a mystery for the authorities as well as the owners of the cat. 

The Squires family who owned the cat said they had no hope of actually finding the cat again thinking that the kitten might have been devoured by the coyotes and they were shocked when they were told that their cat was found.  They are looking forward to this reunion and explain that two of their children still recognize the cat as well as one of their dogs.  However the youngest of their children, aged 3, does not know Willow but after seeing the pictures of the cat, said that it was a beautiful kitten.

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