World’s Largest Bra

Posted: 19th November 2011 by Absurd Stories in People
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Ever wondered what is the world’s largest bra? It actually has a 1222B cup and measures nearly 102 feet around the chest and more than 4000 square feet of light weight spinnaker nylon has been used for its production.  The fabric used weighted almost 165 pounds and along with the metal fasteners the bra’s weight is estimated to be nearly 200 pounds.  But rest assured this bra has not been conceived for human use! It is actually part of a breast cancer campaign whereby the makers of Vanish stain remover have come up with this brilliant idea of designing the largest bra on earth to show their support for breast cancer research. 

The record breaking pink brassiere was unveiled on the 28th October at the ITV Southbank Tower,England.  The producers of this bra have all the reasons to be proud of this unique bra since it is not only contributing for a good cause but has also been certified by the Guinness Books of World Records as being the largest bra conceived so far. 

Apart from showing their endeavor in this breast cancer campaign, the manufacturers of Vanish have successfully captivated the attention of the whole nation with his one of a kind bra!

Worlds Largest Bra