Worlds Largest Natural Boobs

Posted: 8th October 2011 by Absurd Stories in People
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After porn star Chelsea Charms made her appearance on ITV1 daytime show to discuss about her surgically enhance breasts, it was now Annie Hawkins Turner’s time to talk about her 102ZZZ natural breasts.  This woman has been holding the world records of the largest natural breasts in the world for 12 years now. 

Also known as her stage name Norma Stitz, she can be seen in some adult videos topless.  Aged 52, Norma explains how growing up has been hard for her mostly because of her assets which made her look different from the other kids.  This affected her personal life to a large extent since men did not show the same attention to her as she did to them.  She felt so awkward about her own assets that she was uncomfortable getting naked in front of a man whenever she was in a relationship. 

She got her first bra at the age of ten, which did not fit properly, and with time, her breast kept on growing and she claims that they are still growing, even now! She further adds that there is not a day that goes by where someone does not make fun of her and kids have been the ones who have been the meanest to her by calling her all types of name. 

Despite having difficulties to start and maintain relationships, she finally met the man of her life, Alan, a retired air force officer.  She gives all the credits to her late husband, who passed away six years earlier, who taught her how to appreciate her unique assets and use them to her own advantage.  He is the man who actually sent her photographs to a magazine and that’s how the stage name Norma was born. 

Regarding motherhood, she explains that when she had her children she could not breastfeed them because her breasts were so huge that she could have smothered them. 

As far as her adult videos are concerned, she says that despite the fact that she exposed herself, she will never have sex on camera as this is against her principles. 

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