World’s Oldest Pregnant Woman?

Posted: 27th September 2011 by Absurd Stories in People

A woman aged 61 could be the world's oldest pregnant woman.  The Woman who had already gone through menopause is expecting her first child with her husband aged 38.  She became pregnant thanks to artificial insemination and with a donor egg and is expected to deliver her first baby, a girl, in November. 

This case of late-in-life pregnancy is the second in Brazil where early in September a woman aged 52 gave birth to twins.  These cases of late pregnancies have stirred some controversy in Brazil and are at the centre of intense debate regarding the age limit for artificial insemination.  Is it right for a woman who should be expecting her first pension cheque to be expecting her first baby instead?

Health officials in Brazil are concerned by the fact that these cases of late pregnancies are likely to have health impacts on these older women.  There is currently no age limit imposed to proceed with the insemination although doctors are not allowed to proceed if this is likely to have health consequences on the baby or the mother. 

Returning to the woman in question, she has undergone intense medical examination and is deemed fit for the insemination.  She does not intend to tell her daughter about the egg donor.


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