Would you buy used Lingerie?

Posted: 8th February 2015 by Absurd Stories in Internet, People
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Screen-Shot-2015-02-06-at-112432A woman has recently turned eBay into a mini soap opera, as her description for the £400 lingerie item is one of the best eBay has ever had. This woman is brutally honest with her sales pitch. She posted the item on eBay with this item description: “Thank you for looking at this piece of smutty lingerie. I have worn it only while drunk. It looks ridiculous otherwise.”

The anonymous seller goes on to explain that a man and a woman had only used the piece in bed. She went on to state that bi-curious or lesbian partners “might find this frock as stupidly excessive as I did.” The seller proceeds to give words of wisdom: “In fact it’s a completely pointless item. Chances are that you’ll only wear this drunk as well and if you are chances are he/she are in the same boat and will barely notice you have it on. If they do notice, beware, they may want to take a shot of you with their phone and we all understand the dangers of that.”

Screen-Shot-2015-02-06-at-111209The now mother of three tells how she acquired this and several other items that will soon be on eBay. A married man who bought the items for her in an attempt at flattery, and it apparently worked. She has been hiding all the items in the attic, trying to forget her shameful past. It looks like she is finally ready to get rid of the items for good, and move on with her new life.