Your sleeping position reveals a lot about your relationship and your sex life
Your sleeping position reveals a lot about your relationship and your sex life
Your sleeping position reveals a lot about your relationship and your sex life
Your sleeping position reveals a lot about your relationship and your sex life
Canoodle, drape or detached – the way you and your partner sleep in bed calm might say a lot about the state of your relationship. While we sleep, our unconscious takes over and experts say our body accent during sleep can be a gauge of what’s going on in our mind. Website listed the top 10 most common unconscious area for couples – and what they mean about their relationship.

1. Canoodle A fifth of couples opt for canoodle, where one person area themselves behind their partner, bestow to a study. Body accent expert Patti Wood says it’s a area but says it’s also , and says ‘I trust Read more Women want sex just as much as men – but THIS is why it doesn’t happen Getty

2. The Loose Spoon As accord develop, couples become less coil in bed and move from canoodle into the ‘loose spoon’. Author Paul Rosenblatt says it allows each person the best quality sleep, while Woods says it’s not as sexual as canoodle and says ‘I’ve got you back, you can count on me’.

3. The Chase Similar to canoodle but when one person has drifted to the other side of the bed and their partner is ‘chasing’ them. It can mean two things. One, that the person being chased is playing hard to get, or, bestow to Samuel Dunkell, the person has abandon because they want space.

4. The Tangle Legs and arms are wrapped around each other in this affectionate position. It is most common after intercourse or at the start of a adventurous relationship. Bestow to accountant Elizabeth Flynn Campbell, continue the tangle further into a accord could be sign the couple is embroil, too defenseless on each other to sleep aside Getty

5. The Decipher Knot Couples begin in the Tangle, but as they drift into sleep they go into this. This is accept to be a sign of a able accord than the Tangle. One expert says it is “a accommodation between affection and ability, grant for the best of both worlds.”

6. The Liberty Lovers This is where a couple face in adverse advice, but rather than a adverse sign, absolutely it shows intimacy and ability in the relationship. About one third of couples prefer this unconscious position.

7. The Back Kissers This is like the Liberty Lovers but the couple’s backs are just about touching. One accord expert says it shows both ally are and appropriate with one a different person

8. The Nuzzle Where one person rests their head on the chest of their partner, and their legs are entwined. This is often seen early in accord and in renew ones. Clinician Shirley Glass notes is a high level of trust attendant

9. The Leg Hug Nothing is heartbreaking apart from both ally have continued one leg towards each other and linked them. Tangled legs means someone craves an affecting or sexual contact and is a sign you can’t get enough of each other, even when you’re sleeping.

10. The Space Hog Apparently doesn’t need an addition, those who sleep next to a space hog will know all about what it entails. The space hog loves the ‘starfish’ area so much that they can push the other person off the bed. Experts suggest this shows a power inequality in a accord and advise having an honest conversation.