A vast number of workers in Assam’s tea gardens are women, as their nimble fingers are considered better for plucking leaves. Assam at a Crossroads, Grants Workers the Maximum Holiday Bonus, Wellness Blends and Cold Brew Sweet Teas Launched, Get to Know These Influential Tea Bloggers (They’re Making an Impact in the Industry), GABA Tea and the Hype around its Health Benefits, Iced Tea Success Story HTeaO Has Aggressive Expansion Plan. She has been posted as a manager at Hilika tea estate in Tinsukia district. This section is about Living in UAE and essential information you cannot live without. estate manager is very demanding. Among Year II Champion Pluckers, Usha Bhumij of Ghoiralie Tea Estate and Lochmi Birsa of Hilika Tea Estate were given a special award in Year I – Apeejay Surrendra Group Value Achiever Award – instituted to honour those who uphold the Group’s values of Solid, Committed, Entrepreneurial, Youthful and Inspired through their actions. Until now, only men held the managerial position. The challenges are many, but Baruah is on a roll. Baruah joined Apeejay as a trainee welfare officer in Hokonguri, near Dibrugarh in 2000, when the company took a decision to hire women for the post and six of them were appointed in different estates. Apeejay was a leader in expanding the position. “One of our women workers was recently chosen for a surprise award for plucking the highest quantity of tea leaves in our entire company,” she said. In which among the following country the world’s first Floating Nuclear Power Plant (FNPP) has become operational? Area Under Tea: 419.73 Ha. J. All rights reserved. Manju Baruah is the manager of Apeejay Tea's Hilika Tea Estate in upper Assam's Dibrugarh district. including handling elopements, neighbor disputes, sanitation, and housing The bada saheb (boss) has given way to bada madam in Assam’s tea industry. The national press and social media coverage of her promotion amounts to more than 120,000 news items. Breaking another ceiling, a woman become manger of a tea garden of Assam, in the last 200 years of tea industry in Assam. Recently, which state government has passed resolution to seek 33% reservation for women in Parliament? An employee with Apeejay Tea since 2000, Manju became the first woman tea garden manager in the 200 year history of Assam Tea. Hilika Tea Estate. social subjugation. While it was a validation of my efforts, it felt so good that my hard work was being watched.”. 1) Sivasagar: 1. “Traditionally, the tea industry is dominated by men and they have added advantages,” Baruah told Gulf News. Both on your website and other media. management positions. Hattialli Tea Estate Information: Tea Garden: Hattialli Tea Estate. This helps me become closer to the workers and look after their welfare, especially of the women folk.”. Apeejay Tea has for the first time appointed Manju Baruah, 43, as the first lady manager in a tea garden, a post which has been held by men till date. It was this, “one of the wisest decisions the company had ever Co.-High Yield nearly 50 countries. With weapons ranging from around the 1700's to W.W.2 you will definitely see some amazing historical pieces. She acknowledges but dismisses the challenges of being a woman 2. And instead of thanking him, I congratulated him. where 60 percent of the field workers are women. AMGORIE TEA ESTATE Manju Baruah breaks 200-year-old tradition in the tea industry. and an interview Breaking another ceiling, an women become manger of a tea garden of Assam, a new in last 200 years of tea industry in Assam. thousands of acres or more so physically if you cannot visit every operation The iconic Assam tea estates have been serving us India's favorite tea since the 1830s. Manju Baruah is the first woman Manager of Hilika Tea Estate – an Apeejay tea estate in upper Assam’s Dibrugarh district. • India is the second largest tea producer in the world. It involves almost round-the-clock work, Name of District Name of Gardens; 1. What made her stand out among others were the initiatives she took in organisational activities, including field, factory and certification work. It is unique news, too, in that she is the first woman to hold this position in the nearly 200-year history of tea growing in the state that produces around half of India’s tea. Manjula Baruah became the manager of Apeejay Tea's Hilika Tea Estate at Doomdooma in Tinsukia district in August. Woman breaks 180-year-old tea estate tradition Manju Baruah is the first woman manager at Apeejay brand’s Hilika tea estate Published: March 19, 2019 20:37 By Nilima Pathak Correspondent In its nearly 200-year-long history, Bara Saheb (manager) has been the boss in any of Assam's tea gardens. legislation in the 1980s. So, irrespective of the gender, only a person who is capable of overseeing every operation and sincerely visits every nook and corner of the garden, is considered fit for the job.”, Expressing her enthusiasm and recalling the day she created history, Baruah said: “When our Chairman Karan Paul called me to convey the news, I was pleasantly surprised. noted innovators in Assam and has been able to develop a cadre of women in her ATTABARI TEA ESTATE: 3. “Tea is a labour-intensive industry and most of the work is performed manually,” Baruah said. Total Grant Area: 701.84 Ha. “But when it comes to higher positions, it is not about gender. Apeejay is one of India’s Mousumi New Delhi: Thousands of women dressed in colourful attire work in the tea estates of the north Indian state of Assam. Q3. In Darjeeling, Lassi Jalan, co-director of 75-year old Chota Tingrai, is one of the most Lochmi Birsa of Hilika tea estate, Anjoli Ronjit from Budlabeta tea estate, Aroty Bigoo and Anita Kondon from Hapjan tea estate, Tabi Bhangra from Borjuli tea estate, Salmi lakra from Budlapara tea estate and Ruma Bawri from Napuk tea estate who won the Apeejay Surrendra Group Value Achiever Award and Champion of the 2018 Tea Season issues. Barua is the first woman chosen for this position in the 180 years since the British set up tea estates in the region in the 1830s. (The top three being Russia, Iran and UAE). • Tea production is led by Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. US. Rising through the ranks, she gathered the courage to not only confidently talk to people, but also deal with them when facing different and difficult situations. Situated across the Towkok river, the tea estate is spread across an area of 117.99 hectares. Establishing good communication with the workers and excelling at bridging any gap that unintentionally comes up between workers and garden management is a welfare officer’s primary contribution to the business. woman manager is certainly a disruption. It is unique news, too, in that she is the first woman to hold this position in the nearly 200-year history of tea growing in the state that produces around half of India’s tea. careers and enhance their lives is an essential part of this. This website stores cookies on your computer. Married to a telecom professional, she has an 11-year-old daughter. 4 talking about this. Unilever’s Teas are “Slave-Free”, Will Others Follow? Register to read and get full access to gulfnews.com, By clicking below to sign up, you're agreeing to our Manju Baruah, 43, is the new manager of Apeejay Tea's Hilika Tea Estate near Dibrugarh in Upper Assam. As reported by The Telegraph , Baruah will now oversee the garden’s 2,500 employees, including male and female workers. The credit for breaking the traditional male bastion goes to Manju Baruah, who is currently serving as garden manager for Apeejay Tea’s Hilika Tea Estate … published early this year, she profiles what a tea manager must aspire to – and Baruah took charge in August. highlight her being an avid biker who rides a motorcycle across the 633-hectare The appointment of Manju Baruah as the manager of Hilika Tea Estate in Assam is news. 2018). AIDEOBARI TEA ESTATE: 4. Along with the largest piece of the USS Arizona ever given! Tours are scheduled April 27 through May 12 at the Lemak Estate in Mountain Brook. Apeejay Tea awarded Aruna Monboth and Radhika Ratan based in Khobong Tea Estate and working in its Laina and KOG division, Lochmi Birsa and Parboty Gulap based in Hilika Tea Estate in its Line division, Usha Bhumij based in Ghoirallie tea Estate, Anu Kumari based in Borjuli Tea Estate in its Rangapara division, Anjana Mal based in Jaboka Tea Estate in its Khamlung division and Aroti Gowala based in … constant adjustment to weather and seasonal shifts, lack of resources in remote And based on quality and quantity of work, employees are given trophies and awards, as each one of us realise the labour that goes into making tea a special drink.”. The appointment of Manju Baruah as the manager of Hilika Tea Estate in Assam is news. Supervising them is Manju Baruah, 43, the recently appointed manager at Apeejay brand’s Hilika tea estate in Doom Dooma, Tinsukia district. Sometimes, the workers call me 'Sir'. isn’t possible for you – and that’s irrespective of gender.”. A. Aspey, Sgt. While working in the lush tea gardens sprawling over large swaths of land, several women wear saucer-shaped hats to protect themselves from the sun and rain. In late 2018, when Apeejay Tea’s chairman Karan Paul called Manju Baruah about her appointment as manager of the group’s Hilika Estate, she meant to say thanks. The manager or Bada Saheb has headed the tea estates for over 200 years since the British set up the tea estates. Russia. that this must change and that opening opportunities for women to grow their co-operation of the Manager of Hilika Tea Estate and the Superintendent and the Medical Officer of The Assam Frontier Tea Co., Ltd., and they were conducted with the willing and reliable aid of the members of No. No. Manju Baruah as the manager of Hilika Tea Estate, A Even though Assam is recognized as one of the origins of tea, this beverage crop was first commercialized by Brits. AIDAUPUKHURI TEA ESTATE: 2. 2 Entomological Field Unit, R.A.M.C., Sgt. Manju […] The company owns 17 tea estates in the prime the top of what it takes is – being mentally and physically active. The credit for breaking the traditional male bastion goes to Manju Baruah, who is currently serving as garden manager for Apeejay Tea’s Hilika Tea Estate at Doomdooma in Tinsukia district. Major chemical properties of tea-growing soils are of paramount importance for better management in a sustainable fashion. upgraded it to assistant manager status and near the end of the decade “adopted Workers: 1967. She joins the tiny list of female executives in an industry One of the blockages that articles on Manju Baruah’s appointment “Actually, they are used to calling the managers bada saheb [big boss] and their spouses are referred to as memsahib [madam]. almost every article on her adds “one of the first of all in Darjeeling.” Aventika In Up Close with Manju Baruah – Assam’s first woman Tea Garden Manager Our BureauFor the world at large, Assam has long been known as the land of tea and Assamese tea … in a social and business context notorious for the working conditions for Privacy Policy. But now we have got Manju Baruah, 43, as the first lady manager at Hilika tea estate in Tinsukia district belongs to Apeejay Tea. Most commentators and many industry executives recognize course, encouraged the stereotype of it not being a job for a woman. Apeejay Tea has appointed Manju Baruah as the first woman to be at the helm, managing the Hilika Tea Estate in Tinsukia district. in a patriarchal culture and an often overtly misogynist work tradition. © Al Nisr Publishing LLC 2020. areas, and strong and visible on-the-ground presence and leadership. India. hints as to how more women of ability are likely to rise to their merited Typhoo, the third largest UK tea brand, in 2005. Sl. The tea estate has acquired the region just beside a government reserve forest which shelters varied wildlife. Baruah added: “Within the estate, throughout the year, we carry out both cultivation and development work. It’s important to provide the workers a conducive environment for their skills to grow. Q4. woman manager is certainly a disruption of the traditional “A woman manager is certainly a disruption of the traditional management structure in a tea garden, but it’s a disruption of a good kind,” Baruah was quoted as saying by The Times of India. • The country ranked fourth in tea exports in 2017-18. No Clone Company/Estates 1 MRG 1 Makum Assam Co. 2 MRG 2 Margherita 3 DH 13 Margherita 4 P 38 Jokai Assam Tea Co-Panitola 5 H 137 Hathialli T. E. 6 N 325 Nokhrey T. E. ... 77 AFT-Hilika-2 Assam Frontier Tea. The first social media outlet all about freedom of speech. producers and its third largest. You can see items owned by Mussolini, as well as Adolf Hitler's personal silver tea service. industry is an “outdoors” job and all our works are scattered in She is in her early 40s and after earning her MBA started On 1 st January 2013, I joined Apeejay Tea’s Hilika Tea Estate in Dibrugarh as a Trainee Welfare Officer. However, it seems that things are set for a change. • India exported 256.57kg of tea, valued at $785.92 million (Dh2.8 billion). Federal government websites always use a .gov or .mil domain. The tea It is the alternative to 'bada saheb', the way the boss in a tea garden is traditionally addressed. 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Now, women across the state are happy with the turn of events and are hoping many more among them will reach this post. Terms of Use indirectly profiles herself: “You have to be a good observer… fair to all but right at “We work with people from different age groups — from the youth to the elderly, coming from different corners of India and belonging to different cultural backgrounds, languages and dialects. The Berman Museum is a must for all history buffs and gun enthusiasts. largest bulk sellers in the domestic auction sale system and exports tea to That’s about it: unique achievements by a few outstanding females very fact that they have never seen it as being of benefit for females. Baruah was appointed to the role of manager of the Hilika Tea Estate in the Tinsukia district in August of this year. Before sharing sensitive information online, make sure you’re on a .gov or .mil site by inspecting your browser's address (or "location") bar. These include plucking, weed management, pest management, drainage, foliar and nutrition management, propagation and manufacturing — all of which require proper planning and execution in a systematic manner. the historic policy of appointing lady welfare officers.” (Mousumi Bharali. It had been nearly two centuries since the British setup tea estates in the region in the 1830s and men are dominating the business. she said. The ShowHouse is a project of the Symphony Volunteer Council of the Alabama Symphonic Association. The tea estate is a part of the Towkok tea garden which was taken over by the Jayshree Tea industries in 1955.